Easter season = Chocolate season!

Whether we choose to observe Easter or not, the Easter season is for many an excuse to enjoy chocolate! This map shows from what countries the bulk of the world’s cacao come from as well as in what countries chocolate is the most popular (click on image to make it larger). Cocoa beans are grown in warm climates close to the equator. The world leading exporter of cocoa beans is Cote d’Ivoire (this map is from 2002, but the record still holds!), and in Ghana the cacao export is so important they even have cocoa beans depicted on their coins!

The main chocoholics are found in central Europe, with the Swiss indulging 10.9 kg of chocolate per person per year, more than twice the amount of the average American!

Map source: http://mehtapozer.blogspot.com/2013/01/one-sweet-world-on-trail-of-chocolate.html